Angas Park is the focal point for the country’s finest produce from growers in three major regions of Australia. With an uncompromising commitment to quality, Angas Park markets of dried fruit from the South Australia’s Barossa Valley and Riverland, and New South Wales’ Riverina.

The distinctive Angas Park retail packs capture significant share of dried fruit sales in Australia. Angas Park dried apricots, prunes, peaches, pears and combinations of fruit medley and fruit salad are market leaders.

In addition to supplying Australia’s retail chains and health food outlets, Angas Park is a major ingredient supplier to the baking, confectionery and breakfast cereal industry. Our world- wide contracts allow us to supplement the Australian crop with the best world supply ensuring consistent quality and supply. Angas Park exports a number of countries with the flexibility to supply the various market requirements and meet specific import regulations.

The market place has found Angas Park fruit particularly appealing because of the pollution free environment in which the fruit is grown and dried. The natural and traditional art of drying fruit is one of the few preserving processes in which the natural flavour and nutritional value of the fruit is not destroyed by modern processing and refining methods. The drying process concentrates the nutrients of dried fruit, and allows us to enjoy the benefit of fruit all year round.

The company is committed to improving quality with the use of laser and colour optical sorters. Angas Park has full ISO9002 accreditation and was the first dried fruit company in Australia to receive AQA certification.

Through our world-wide agency structure, we are able to maintain personalised contact and direct prompt communications, ensuring the utmost in customer satisfaction at all times. The finest Australian fruit is available in the finest tradition means Angas Park Fruit Company is able to cater for all dried fruits.