Meet Jordan Adams.
Jordan and his family are relatively new to prune growing. Located near Coleambally in NSW, 14 years ago Jordan and his father converted 100 acres of rice paddocks into prune orchards as it was no longer economical for them to produce rice. They have been properly harvesting prunes for the past 7 years. Also producing corn, cattle & winter cereals Jordan and his family thought they would try something new. Jordan has found that no two years are the same when it comes to growing prunes. Environmental factors such as rain at the wrong times and drought impact greatly on the success of the crop. Jordan has won the Angas Park grower award for high-quality prunes in 2015 & 2016 and the Grower of the Year award in 2018. Jordan loves eating the fresh plums straight from the tree while his wife Amanda, makes a delicious sticky prune pudding. Jordan loves to ride dirt bikes in his spare time and is pictured here with his two gorgeous children Joey & Sophie.
A big thank you to Australian Prune Industry Association for letting us share this post.